Our Staff

Our Staff

Tom Beaudry


Heather Nemoir

General Manager

Email: Heather.Nemoir@sysfurniture.com

Jed Justman

Vice President of Sales

Email: Jed.Justman@sysfurniture.com

Shari Schmidt


Email: Shari.Schmidt@sysfurniture.com

Jennifer Kilp

Director of Design

Email: Jen.Kilp@sysfurniture.com

Sara Gonzales

Project Coordination Manager

Email: Sara.Gonzales@sysfurniture.com

Stacey Prodoehl

Account Executive

Email: Stacey.Prodoehl@sysfurniture.com

John Caffrey

Vice President-Sales

Email: John.Caffrey@sysfurniture.com

Lauren Sheahan

Account Executive

Email: lauren.sheahan@sysfurniture.com

Mark Schumacher

Account Executive

Email: mark.schumacher@sysfurniture.com

Gail Saathoff

Interior Designer

Email: Gail.Saathoff@sysfurniture.com

Laura Witbro

Interior Designer

Email: Laura.Witbro@sysfurniture.com

Bethany Wiskow

Lead Interior Designer

Email: bethany.wiskow@sysfurniture.com

Drake Sanford

Account Executive

Email: Drake.Sanford@sysfurniture.com

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