Jump-start a collaborative culture

Choose collaborative furniture for the office and on campus from Systems Furniture

Looking to inspire a culture of collaboration? We have ideas for you! Systems Furniture in De Pere, Wisconsin has collaborative furniture options for creating meeting space in open plan offices, campus centers, cafeterias, libraries and even hallways that can spark the next great innovation.

Collaborative furniture starts the conversation

Offices – Create a new spot for collaboration with the Nemo Trellis and Nemo Bar from Surfaceworks. Trellis is a free-standing or wall-mounted structure which makes a semi enclosure for tables, chairs and the people who need a spot to meet. The Nemo Bar is a high-top table with optional charging ports and electrical outlets that makes for a very modern conference table.

Cafeterias Provide restaurant-style booths from Falcon in the cafeteria to promote the relaxed atmosphere where staff and students can brainstorm over lunch. Got an idea? Write it down on Falcon’s Krystal Cast erasable tabletop. The high gloss surface serves as a whiteboard for wet or dry erase markers. A special top coating prevents ghosting.

Libraries They used to be quiet zones, now they are where students gather for project work. Invite them in with collaborative furniture that welcomes a group. Arcadia’s Hush collection includes lounge chairs, love seats and sofa models.

Hallways And yes, even the hallway can be the place for a casual conversation that starts the next big idea. Mount glass whiteboards from Clarus on the walls to capture those ideas.

Create out-of-the-way chat spots in any space. Consider those unused corners. Build your own collaborative environment with versatile Laguna furniture from ERG. The modular units include lounges, benches, ottomans and tables. They can be arranged in an infinite number of ways. Options for electrical outlets and charging ports keep everyone plugged in.

There are a multitude of ways to make a meeting space collaborative. Let Systems Furniture explore creative ways to make use of your ordinary spaces.

Choose Systems Furniture for your collaborative furniture

Systems Furniture’s expertise is corporate interior design and collaborative furniture products that makes sense in Wisconsin. Our account managers travel from Green Bay to Oshkosh and Appleton as well as Eau Claire and beyond. Jump-start your office or campus renovation by checking out our website, sysfurniture.com and giving us a call at 920-336-1510.