What creates a dynamic business meeting?

Systems Furniture says it’s the Knoll MultiGeneration chairs

Meetings. Dozens of how-to-books reveal the secrets of instilling purpose, passion and focus into your next meeting. At Systems Furniture, we will tell you that the furniture like the Knoll MultiGeneration chairs makes a difference. Why?

Because people who are comfortably seated and have easy access to power, data and AV equipment are ready to be engaged. Roll in a mobile whiteboard and the creative juices will start to flow. The Knoll MultiGeneration chair is a favorite for our clients in northeastern Wisconsin.

The Knoll MultiGeneration chair and other meeting favorites

  • Comfortable chairs – A lightweight chair on casters is perfect to roll from one meeting spot to another. A chair back that gives support and flexes as the user shifts position is crucial. A comfortable cushioned seat is imperative.
    • The Knoll MultiGeneration chair meets all the requirements and comes in a variety of colors. The stackable chair option can be ordered with a dolly for transporting them ten at a time.
    • The Remix side chair is a tailored, upholstered chair with plush cushioning and a gentle back movement. It works for a deskside chat or gathered for a collaborative, informal meeting. You can mix-and-match the fourteen solid colors to add that pop of color to the modular office setting.
  • Whiteboard A necessity to catch inspired ideas.
    • Clarus family of mobile markerboards can go to any meeting place. Both sides of the markerboard are ready to capture the overflow of good ideas that are generated.
  • Plug in and connect – Make sure everyone at the meeting can use their laptop and other devices.
    • The eBench conference table from Enwork has a sleek, modern look and the flush fit doors on the top conceal recessed power and data capabilities.
    • Horsepower from Knoll – is a unique modular power raceway that gives employees a multitude of ways to plug in; as a freestanding bench, in a group workspace or a moveable video display unit.

Let Systems Furniture’s account managers and interior design staff create a space where creativity and comfort meet in your office. We’ll set the stage for a dynamic meeting whether it is in Sheboygan, Wausau, Eau Claire or Green Bay. Check out our website, sysfurniture.com, and give us a call at 920-336-1510.