Office Furniture for Collaboration

Come on out of the Cube! More employers are turning to a collaborative environment which encourages innovative thinking and project teamwork.  Desks, meeting rooms and even lunchrooms are undergoing dynamic change in the work place.

Workspace – When a project team is assembled their office furniture reflects their shared work.  Each employee has their own worksurface, file storage, coat storage and data and phone set up.  Lower horizon panels between the employees allow for an open environment, more sunlight and more collaboration.

Meeting Rooms – Connectivity is the most important requirement in a meeting room .  Video displays connect distant offices.  Conference table are wired so laptops can instantly plug in.  Mobile tables arrange and rearrange as meeting needs change. Whiteboards can attach to nearby walls or move around the room like the Knoll Scribe marker board.

Lounge – Office furniture can support the work community in different ways.  Informal areas of comfortable chairs like the Arcadia Huddle chair promote spontaneous interactions.  Added tablet arms make space for a laptop.  A company café can offer standing height counters and stools, traditional booths and even outdoor dining options where social interactions give employees a better sense of community.


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