Finding Privacy in the New Open Office

A Furniture Systems Workplace Made Better

As many employees already know, the landscape of the office has changed dramatically in the last few years. Furniture systems used to be composed of tall panels and individual workstations but now more and more companies are lowering the horizon of the workplace. This means panels between individual’s work areas are much shorter or even non-existent. The newest form of office furniture systems is called “benching” which provides table space for multiple employees and their computers. The goal for the new open office is to promote more collaboration; the drawbacks are a lack of privacy and decreased ability to focus in a workspace.

Looking to enhance a sense of privacy at your company? Systems Furniture, Inc., in De Pere has a team of experts ready to help.

Sound MaskingA sound masking system adds a familiar background noise like an air conditioning sound to an office environment. By raising the ambient noise level, conversations in adjacent workspace are covered up.

Furniture A brief meeting with a co-worker can be relaxed and more private in an upholstered, high back modular seating option. The higher sightline eliminates visual distractions and the fabric helps absorb sound. The Arcadia Hush Private chair is available in a multiple of configurations from individual chairs to a lounge enclave.

Meeting Rooms – Small meeting rooms are increasingly important in the open office. They facilitate a private room for an individual engaged in intense focused work and they can be a workroom for small group collaboration. Systems Furniture’s space planning experts work with our customers to balance open workstations with enclosed rooms and recommend appropriate tables, chairs and whiteboards.

Visual Privacy A conference room with glass window walls often is more of a fish bowl than a private meeting space. Systems Furniture solves that problem with the addition of window film which gives the appearance of etched glass. The film can be a decorative pattern or a more opaque effect. In the midst of the open office furniture system, a sense of privacy is highly valued.

Systems Furniture’s team of Account Managers and Interior Designers are ready to bring new ideas to your office. We are just a phone call away at 920-336-1510.