Yes, office space design makes a difference to employees

Systems Furniture’s work for Encapsys in Appleton proves it

Encapsys in Appleton wanted their cutting-edge innovation headquarters to have an open concept office space that encouraged employee interactions and mirrored the innovative energy of their chemical science and engineering laboratories. Systems Furniture’s senior interior designer, Laura Witbro, planned the office space design down to the smallest detail. “We space planned every useable inch,” said Witbro.

It has been over a year since Encapsys moved into their new offices. We reached out to Wanda Nytes, a project manager at Encapsys to see how their open plan space is working. On a personal level she said, “I stared at fabric panels with no view of daylight for twenty years, so the open concept has been a welcome change.”

Unique office space design fosters success

The workstations– The lower panels not only allow sunlight to fill the space but also invite employees to share ideas. Height adjustable worksurfaces focus on employee comfort. Tower storage with slide out drawers save space and were customized for each person’s needs

Solutions for privacy – Encapsys needed rooms for private offices, conferencing and places where an employee could do heads down work. Power sources within the conference tables make it easy to connect laptops and AV equipment for meetings. Individual private offices were specified with storage solutions and height adjustable worksurfaces to utilize the space efficiently.

Planning for social spaces too – Laura Witbro’s office space design included creative interior design, too. Brightly colored Lumin chairs from SitOnIt, booth seating and high-top tables with power access are a hit with employees. “The Hub, our cafeteria, is the nucleus of our building,” said Nytes, “and we wanted it to reflect our core value ‘create, innovate and have fun.’ This space is where larger company meetings take place, potlucks and all types of fun activities. Overall, it is just a great environment to be in and the furniture gets a real workout.”

Choose Systems Furniture for your office space design

Looking for more information on office space design and selecting corporate office furniture? Check out our website at sysfurniture.com and give us a call at 920-336-1510. Systems Furniture’s interior designers and account managers work from Green Bay throughout the Fox Valley, Fond du Lac and across the state to Wausau, Eau Claire and Ashland.