A Spotlight on Interior Office Design

Systems Furniture Looks at the Offices of the Future

The center of the interior office design universe is at NeoCon; an office furniture trade show held in Chicago for three days each June. Over 700 exhibitors of office furnishings for business, healthcare, education and hospitality open their doors to 50,000 attendees. Systems Furniture, Inc’s staff travels to Chicago each year and we are excited about bringing new ideas for interior office design and new products to our customers in northeastern and central Wisconsin. Here are some concepts and products we found particularly interesting.

Redefining Office Space

Instead of a maze of restrictive cubicles, forward-looking office design highlights openness, community and connection. Group work areas are balanced by space for privacy and focused work. Knoll’s Rockwell Unscripted is a new line of furniture that embraces group work with Creative Wall. Stand-alone panels, metal grids, moveable whiteboards, and curtains define the space but not the function. Creative Bleachers invite team members to gather, share and brainstorm. Knoll expects to offer these products in 2017.

Knoll TextilesFilzFelt and Spinneybeck offer hanging decorative panels of felt and leather. These panels split a vast open office into semi-private areas and can add sound quieting elements to a meeting area. LOFTwall’s Flox is a conceptual flexible partition system that improves office acoustics and adds more privacy.

New Ways to Sit

Comfort is always the #1 goal, but seating options are expanding in the future. Novo, by SitOnIt Seating, is a new ergonomic chair with lumbar support that comes in a wide choice of colors and fabrics to brighten the whole office. It won a “Best of NeoCon” gold in Contract magazine’s competition. Not every great business idea happens in a task chair, however. Another option is the Knoll’s Rockwell Unscripted swivel stool, ready to grab for an impromptu meeting or a casual chat.

Looking for interior office design that sets the stage for business success? Systems Furniture’s expert interior designers and account managers bring the newest ideas for space planning, seating and ergonomic office furniture. Check out our website, sysfurniture.com, or call us at 920-336-1510.